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What is Vision Builders?

Vision Builders is our 'over and above' giving program at Awaken City for members and friends to help BUILD a home of worship for current and future generations to come, REACH others with the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally, RAISE and empower disciple makers, and CARE through practical help.

'1 in a Million' Project

Our 1 in a Million Project launched in June 2017, with the aim to raise $1 million dollars in 3 years for the following purposes:

  • BUILD by completing renovations on our current facilities and reducing our mortgage by 2020, to bring greater financial freedom to Awaken City.


  • REACH others with the gospel of Jesus Christ both locally and globally through our 'REACH' missions program in Australia, Africa, Asia, Central America and more.


  • RAISE and empower disciple-makers by leading and coaching them through a journey to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose and Make a Difference.


  • CARE with practical help, including Ending Homelessness in Western Australia (EHIWA), which is a ministry of Awaken City that provides housing to people without homes, whilst implementing a holistic approach to wellbeing through care and support.

How Can I Become a Vision Builder?

You can become a Vision Builder and join our 1 in a Million Project anytime! To start your journey as a Vision Builder: 

1. Prayerfully consider a level of giving which is appropriate for you. Options are available for both regular and one-off contributions.

2. Complete a Vision Builders Commitment Card and drop it in at Info Central Desk (located at the back of the auditorium) on a Sunday, or use our online giving options using the code 'VB 1million' as your notation.